A Visit From Feminist St. Nick

Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the house
Gender roles were flipping, I don't care if you grouse
Dad was at Wal-Mart on a last minute spree
While mom lounged in her PJs and drank her coffee
The children as usual played their video games
But mom didn't care what it did to their brains
Instead she pretended that she was born male
Her husband could fret over parenting travails
Although he was too busy with gift-wrapping galore
While Mom did not even know what was in store
He had spent the last month planning and buying
To make children happy, to prevent them from crying
Be sure to give them the same number of gifts
And don't forget the stockings, don't try to shift
That job onto Mom because she is on strike
After 10 years of service, she's dropped the mike
She'll go to bed early, she will sleep very well
Will she resume her tasks next year? Only time will tell
Because as it turns out, men can do these things
They can plan and cook and organize and clean
Like moms, they can raise kids and have a job, too
Don't sell these guys short, they do have a clue
And with the extra mental space and the time
Women might find ways to rise and to climb
To reach true equality with men, at work and at home
And that's a Christmas miracle, if there ever was one
Now it's probably too late for the middle-aged ladies
But our daughters are watching, you better be ready
Soon they will determine who is naughty and nice
And they'll hand out the coal, they won't even think twice
But that is a future that is still not within sight
So I'll enjoy my Christmas present, if just for tonight.


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