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Why Couldn't We Ride

( It looks so fun when the Muppets do it. )

Y'all know I'm a RUNNER.  Running is great exercise, it's peaceful, it's easy to do anywhere.  Most importantly, you probably aren't going to die or get seriously injured running.  Well, at least not dramatically or suddenly.  It's not like your leg is going to fall off and leave you stranded somewhere.

Unlike biking.  I like the idea of biking.  I rode around on a bike as a kid some, although in Kenya there wasn't much opportunity to do so.  Between the potholes, insane drivers, and complete absence of even one sidewalk in the entire country, my parents weren't too keen on it.  As an adult, I see folks out on the trails riding along, looking so carefree--at least the ones who don't think they are training for the Tour de France--and it definitely is appealing.

However, almost every time I have tried to bike as an adult, it hasn't gone too well.  Mainly due to my fear of death and dismemberment.  On…

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