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What is An Emergency? By My Family

 Our family matriarch is very strange. Before the pandemic, she used to hang out in the public spaces of our home, or in her bed, which everyone knows is essentially a public space and is shared with Dad officially.  During the pandemic, the bed has become his office annex/breakroom/watercooler area where he comes to blow off steam from working in his dedicated/actual home office, which everyone knows not to disturb except when truly needed (or to get something off the printer, which admittedly is probably not an urgent matter), and to chat with his only co-worker these days, Mom.     Increasingly, as the pandemic has gone on, and as we are never absent from her life for even one hour, Mom goes in the guest room for long periods of time.  And there's not even a guest in there to talk to! There's barely a comfortable place to sit. It's really weird.  She sews and paints and writes and studies and sometimes when we go in there to inform her of an Emergency, she is just sittin

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