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How to Pack for Europe

  I travel quite a lot, but I’ve yet to master packing. I don’t know what it is about packing for a trip that is so damn angsty. Probably because it involves making a million different decisions that anticipate the future. I keep an entire house of things on hand so I don’t have to do that.   The developing world vs. the developed world presents different challenges. If you are going to South Sudan, your main goal is to include items that will prevent you from getting malaria or a fungal infection. In Europe, you want to look good. Stylish. Thin. You know, like a European.  I am leaving on Friday for Austria, where I will be joining my husband on a work-turned-child-free-vacation. Which means I am currently in a pre-trip panic about what I need to bring and what new things I need to buy. I suddenly own NOTHING APPROPRIATE.  Live look at my inner monologue: Do I need a unisex backpack generator in Austria? I'm thinking not but Amazon suggested it.  OMG but would that ever be just th

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