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..And I'm back. Sort of.

I haven't felt like writing much lately. That's because I haven't felt much like myself lately.  I have in fact undergone a marked personality change.  It's quite serious, possibly fatal.  As previously documented, I started doing various crafts during this COVID disaster. I have long done crochet, but then I picked up sewing which led to sewing clothes which led to sewing things with zippers and buttons which led to sewing things with piping which led to fabric art which led to painting which led to buying a label maker which led to a craft closet which led to applique which led to pimping up bought clothes AND OMG I STARTED AN ETSY SHOP.   I know. I told you it was serious.    I was going to stop once the election was over. You see, without getting into politics, the election has caused me just buckets full of anxiety. You'd think liberal democracy was at stake or something.  I would try to read a book or write a post and all of a sudden, the thought of Individual

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