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What if I don't want to return to normal?

 This post was gonna be better before the damn Holderness family did a video about this topic.  I tried to find it to post it here, but I can't find it, probably because they put out like 10 videos a day. Anyway. The Holderness family, and many others like them, continue to live my best life, in which they are just funny for cash, and I kind of hate them.   The overall point of their funny, highly lucrative video was that there are downsides to a return to normal life, including having to wear real clothes and expend energy on things like planning and moving (live) human bodies around places and doing things and activities. I didn't realize how tired all that made me until COVID hit.  In the last year, I have done all kinds of amazing things with all that extra energy, including: -playing Catan on my phone -arguing with people on social media -throwing away expired condiments -scouring Pinterest for recipes I will never make -ordering take out -half-listening to 23 different po

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