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Another Family Outing Fail

I swear I don't know how you people do this.  Leave the house and do stuff. After our latest fiasco, it honestly blows my mind and I have so many questions.   Who decides you are leaving the house? Who chooses what you are doing?Who puts on all the family members' shoes and gets them into the car AT THE SAME TIME? (I am convinced that part is not humanly possible).  Who keeps your bike tires aired up and loads the bikes onto the trailer?Who knows how to use the trailer?Who procures the trailer and all the bikes?Who teaches the children how to ride the bikes?Who convinces the children (and the occasional adult) that bike riding is fun?Who remembers to bring the bolt that connects the tandem bike to the adult bike for the child that doesn't know how to ride a bike? Who melts down in the parking lot when it becomes apparent that she forgot that bolt before driving 20 minutes away to a bike trail?  Ultimately, to deflect from my own massive failure, I'm left to ask:WHO DECI…

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