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Note to Self (and anyone else with an opinion): My Kids Have Two Parents

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, and I've got a whole long weekend to rest, relax, and feel guilty.  Because that is what Thanksgiving is about, right? Oh, it's not?  Dammit, I've missed the point again.

My children have already had 6 hours of screen time today.  That's just a smidge over the 2 hour per day limit recommended by the American Pediatric Association, or as I like to call them, Those Evil People That Ruin Everything.  And unless I come up with some outings or games or just be a really mean person and subsequently run the gauntlet of whining, complaining and weeping that inevitably unfolds, they're going to have another 5 hours today, probably about 10 hours on average the next three days after that. They will probably also eat nothing but cereal, and I never know if either of them actually brush their teeth, ever. Charlotte bathes on her own, but Lawson doesn't, and he will probably not have a bath, because I won't remember until he actually starts …

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