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In Loving Memory of The Asko

  I HAVE SEEN EVIL WITH MY OWN EYES A very long time ago, in an apartment a few miles away, I had a Swedish appliance. Her name was The Asko.  And she was a B___ from Hell.   I have written about her before, but on a blog that got eaten by the cruel vicissitudes of the tech bubble economy. Much like The Asko ate some of my clothes.  But I'm getting ahead of my story.  Which definitely bears repeating, as a warning to Americans who cherish our way of life and wish to protect it.  Kevin and I were newlyweds looking for our first real apartment together. We had been living huddled in his bachelor pad, my personal effects still in boxes stacked against walls, for months.  We wanted to move into the city to be with all the other young nerds who wanted to feel cool.  We looked and looked and finally found the perfect place. It had everything we needed, including a washer and dryer, an older, stacked model that was perfectly suitable for our needs.  But our landlady thought we deserved mo

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