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Everything is fine here. Everything. The sky is blue, the hydrangeas are in bloom, and the slimy weight of July has yet to fully descend.  I have no real problems.  I have money, food, housing, and health.

Also, I have the most amazing family, and I've loved every second I've gotten to spend with them the past few months.  My husband is very handsome, kind, and funny.  My kids are decently behaved, despite being raised without rules of any kind. The dog is adorable and doesn't shed.

Everything is fine here.  My husband retains enough of his good looks and hair to cause me to swoon so hard I hardly notice the empty boxes of things he inexplicably leaves in the cabinets and freezer or his migration around the house while he takes work calls.  I'm so thankful he is extremely health conscious and makes nutritious smoothies in the blender, which is really not that loud, several times a day.  I use it, too, but it sounds different, almost musical, when I use it.



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