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Halloween is NOT the new Christmas, OK?

Charlotte and I were driving around our neighborhood last night, and I was dismayed to see how many houses had serious Halloween decoration/light situations going on.  This one house looked like a freaking amusement park. It had like 12 of those massive inflatable things--a dragon, a witch, a pumpkin, a ghoul, a spider, a Trump, plus like six more things.  Plus they had the lights, they had the things in trees, they had the scarecrows and the harvest items.  It was like someone had told their Alexa to order All The Things and Amazon arrived with a moving van and just exploded all over their yard.   Had I had my wits about me, I would have noticed the house in the distance and made a sharp U-Turn before Charlotte could see it.  But not only did I not do that, I SLOWED DOWN because the witch had hypnotized me and I could not look away.  We came to a full stop in fact and both just stared at this house with mouths agape.
"Woah," I said.
"Woah," she said.
Then, I wa…

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