My great husband

Kevin actually read my blog, and I didn't realize until he did that I can be kind of mean and ungrateful on here.  I don't mean it, really!  I just get overwhelmed with my life sometimes.  

In reality, I am one very blessed woman.  The pathetic thing is when I married Kevin, the memory of my first very lonely marriage was fresh in my mind.  I told myself that I would never ever take Kevin for granted or forget what a gift he is, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude that God had given me a second chance. Fast forward 5 years, and you get numerous whiny blog posts.  Honestly, if I were God, I would just want to slap me across the face and say, "Wake up Dumbass!" on a regular basis.  I think we can all be glad that I am not God.  For one thing, I tend to fall apart under pressure and have trouble being responsible for one person besides myself, so 6 billion is definitely out of the question.  I should remember in fact that I am not God then maybe I would do better with the responsibilities I do have. Hmmm.

But I digress.  I am very blessed.  I have a smart, funny, sweet, incredibly good looking husband who works hard so he can buy us a gorgeous new house.  And that is just the start.  I feel a top 10 coming on:

Top ten things I love about Kevin
10. He never looks askance at my purchases.  He doesn't get involved in my shopping at all in fact.
9.  He does a great impression of a stick figure.  You just have to trust me.
8.  He keeps my brain from turning to mush.  When he's around, I'm reading the Economist and watching Frontline. When he's not around, it's US Weekly and Oprah.  Or worse.
7. He thinks I am funny and loves everything I write. Except when I am complaining about him of course.
6. He didn't even notice my thick ankles until I pointed them out to him.  It's because of him that I have finally (almost) accepted my body.
5. He's taught me everything I know about economics and patiently explains things to me over and over again even when I tell him the impenetrable shield in my brain has come down.  
4. During communion at church, he always steps out of the pew and lets me go in front of him.  I don't know what it is about that, but it gets me every time.  
3.  His episodic healthy food obsessions are kind of weird and usually short lived (like the time he announced he was only going to eat "mediterranean" food because he read a study that said it vacuumed up all the cholesterol in your arteries), but overall, he keeps our diet on a higher plane.
2.  He has also elevated my taste in movies and music.  There was a time when I liked a Backstreet Boys tune or two but now I know exactly why they suck, and I run out of a store if they are playing any kind of boy band song.   
1. He got me Coldplay tickets for Mother's Day even though he doesn't even like them (he hasn't completely changed my taste in music)! And they were awesome seats near the front!  And I had a great time with a good friend while Kevin stayed home with Charlotte. And I was so close I was able to take this picture:


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