The Control Center

I just have to rib my dear husband for a minute. Forgive me.

As you may recall, Kevin bought me the MacBook that I am typing on right now for Christmas.  Supposedly, in theory, it was a gift. For ME.  This was so that he and I would each have our own computer, and "disagreements" over who could use our hitherto lonely laptop would be prevented (I usually lost those "disagreements," incidentally, because while he needed the computer to work, I needed it to shop, which is somehow not as vital? I know, I don't get it either).  

Now, I had no delusions going in that this computer would be my exclusive possession.  Our firstborn laptop, a Dell, has grown prematurely decrepit.  Although he is only about 4 years old, Dell is quite a bit less spry than my nearly 90 year old grandmother.  Heck, she could kick Dell's butt (and beat him at bridge).  Dell years must be like dog years multiplied by 10.  It takes poor Dell about 15 minutes just to wake up from a nap.  Ask Dell to open a page of photos, and you had better go run some errands and check back later.  Dell definitely tries one's patience.  

Enter the Mac. So slick, so cool, so FAST.  Nothing is too much for Mac to handle.  You say you want to watch a 4 hour clip of clowns ice skating on YouTube? No problem, Mac has you covered.  Zip zip zip.  So--if you are Kevin and you have some work to do, which laptop do you reach for?  Dell, who will likely take half an hour just to open your spreadsheet, or Mac, who can not only open it, he can probably just read your mind and enter in the figures telepathically.  
So big deal, you say, Kevin gets Mac, Holly can still shop with Dell. Maybe with Dell, she won't spend as much, since it will take the rest of her life for Dell to locate and display the sought-after items.  

Yes, in theory this would work rather well.  In practice, Kevin uses BOTH the computers.  Yes.  Don't ask me how or why. I don't understand.  When pressed he mumbled something about documents he needed not being on the computer he was using, to which I replied you can easily email yourself documents or put them on a flashdrive.  Or just use the computer that houses them.  Hey, I'm no technological genius but I have at least figured that out.  All I know is that he is invariably sprawled out on the bed with TWO laptops in front on him.  That's what I call the Control Center.  The variation of that is what I call Shuttle Diplomacy. This is when he has one computer upstairs with him, and he leaves the second computer downstairs but comes down every so often and does stuff on that computer as well.  

Either way, I have no computer.  Except now, when he is working at his office.  So actually I now have two computers.  Maybe I should try the Control Center, maybe my eyes will be opened.  Maybe he is secretly launching crap into space from our bedroom, and I am missing out on the fun.  


  1. Yep, I agree. I think Kevin is secretly launching crap into space from your bedroom. :)


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