The old presto-change-o-thingy

Babies really know how to keep mom on her toes.  Just when you think you have yours figures out--wham bam they pull a fast one.  Like when you think she has stopped with the "my diaper runneth over" poop in favor of more "mature-style" poop.  So you leave the extra outfit at home and abra kadabra you are in deep doo-doo.  Or last night I didn't change her diaper before I headed home from my cousin's house because she goes 11 hours at night without a leaking diaper so I'm sure she can go 4 in the daytime right? But lo and behold, I got her in the house, and she's soaking wet.   The there is the solid food issue.  I've decided this is just one massive baby power play.  The rules go something like this:

1. I will eat peas, but only on every second Thursday of the month and/or days that start out cloudy and end up sunny.  Don't ask me how I know how the day will end up, I just do. And then  and only then will I eat peas.
2. I will down sweet potatoes like they are mint chocolate chip ice cream, which i hear is one of the better things in life, unless you offer them to me with the purple spoon and it's a Tuesday and I've already pooped twice that day.  Then you should remove them from my sight post haste or risk the consequences.
3. I hate meat of all kinds so don't even try.  It's a matter of conscience.  On second thought keep trying I may eat an entire jar just to spite that squirrel who made a strange face at me in the park.
4.  I love love love yogurt.  I will always eat yogurt.  Except when I won't.  

The sleeping/nap thing is really the bear though.  As I did not realize before I became a parent, babies go from taking multiple naps a day to taking a few naps a day to taking two naps to one nap.  Who knew?  We've been comfortably in the two-nap mode since September, very predictable. She wakes up at 7 am, she goes down for a nap at 9 am, she wakes up at 11 am, she goes down at 2-3 pm, she wakes up at 4 pm, she goes to bed at 7 pm.  Perfect routine, perfect child!   But she is apparently "transitioning" again. It started with her waking up at 6 am instead of 7 am, not a popular choice with mom.  But mom can handle it, I'll just keep her up later, no sweat.  But now she has started in on the sacred nap schedule.  Today I put her down at 9 am and she cried and fussed until I finally caved and went and got her at 9:30.  At 10:00 I tried again, thinking the child must be exhausted.  Try again!  How about at 11, Charlotte?  Nope, not interested.  Noon? Please?  OK, I will sleep now.  You may go about your business.

I am assuming/hoping/praying that the one nap is a long one, otherwise I am probably screwed.  And by a 10 month old no less.


  1. I laughed SO hard about the food thing. It's so true! I'm so glad I am no longer dealing with those issues. Of course, there is a whole new batch of issues to deal with. Alas!


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