Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trying to grow some character here

I'm really really annoyed right now, so instead of venting about it, I'm going to do my gratitude thing that The Oprah taught me.

1. I am grateful for my great boss and my great team.  I've learned so much in the last year and a half.  And I have fun at work.
2. I am thankful for friends who know I am a single mother for a few weeks and offer to babysit.
3. I am thankful I did not send the email I initially wrote but convinced myself to take the high road instead.
4. I am grateful for the lady who is coming tomorrow to give me an estimate for housecleaning.  I am grateful I can afford to hire someone to do this, especially if I quit buying sweaters when I already have a million, and have finally decided to stop talking myself out of it.
5. I am thankful that I have the kind of husband I want to be around and I miss when he is away. 

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